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We invite you to worship with New Song Church.
We continue to live stream from our worship area and welcome any who choose to be present. We do not require masks. If you are not able to worship with us in person, join us on the live stream.
You can also watch later on the New Song YouTube channel.


“Confession is MORE Than Good for the Soul

That’s the title of the message on Sunday, October 31st, 10 a.m.

Find livestream at New Song Facebook page

The idea of confession stirs a lot of ideas – many of them not good. However, the Bible teaches that it the path to experiencing freedom and God’s best. Join us Sunday in person or via Livestream as we look to the Bible for direction. You’ll be glad you did.

On Saturday evening you can download the notes for the message and New Song announcements, as well as inserts and Kid’s Time Activity sheet. 



Sermon Notes
Kids’ Time Activity

Men’s Group Study (fall 2021)

2021 Daily Bible Reading Journal (updated through November 7th)

Prayer Gathering handout (May 12)
Prayer Gathering Song book (updated October 2021)

Wellness workshop handout (June 13)

Additional notes for Learning Communities:

     A Clash of Kingdoms Session 1
     A Clash of Kingdoms Session 2
     A Clash of Kingdoms Session 3
     A Clash of Kingdoms Session 4
     A Clash of Kingdoms Session 5


     American Gospel Chapter 1
     American Gospel Chapter 2
     American Gospel Chapter 3
     American Gospel Chapter 4
     American Gospel Chapter 5
     American Gospel Chapters 6 & 7
     American Gospel Chapter 8
     American Gospel Review Chapters 1-7
     American Gospel Chapter 9
     American Gospel Chapter 10

American Gospel week 1 group audio
American Gospel week 2 group audio
American Gospel week 3 group audio
American Gospel week 4 group audio
American Gospel week 5 group audio
American Gospel week 6 group audio
American Gospel week 7 group audio
American Gospel week 8 group audio
American Gospel week 9 group audio
American Gospel week 10 group audio
American Gospel week 11 group audio
American Gospel week 12 group audio
American Gospel week 13 group audio

Promise to America’s Children


More opportunities to experience God

“From Where God Sits” Morning MomentsThese are short segments on Facebook Live to kickstart your day with Biblical truth and a challenge for the day.  FWGS MM Archive

12:11 p.m.  “From Where God Sits” – Join Pastor Herb for a dose of God’s perspective on life, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It’s a combination of serious and fun that will give you a truer view on life, one that leads to seeing and living from God’s view that leads to meaning and satisfaction.  FWGS 12:11 Archive

Thursday – 7:00 p.m. and Friday – 1 p.m. Learning CommunitiesJoin a group study to distinguish true Bible teaching from some of the false ideas that that have crept into true Biblical theology. This study is in person or via Zoom at, Meeting ID: 450 048 3793

You can watch Morning Moments and From Where God Sits 12:11 in real time at or later on YouTube. 


  Past messages are available using the link on the left “sermon audio and outlines”.

 Join us for Sunday worship at 10:00 a.m.
with children’s classes and nursery.

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 Are you looking for a place where you can genuinely belong? 

A place where you can discover what a real relationship with God is all about? 

A place where you can find meaning for life and relationships? 

Are you tired of just going through the motions and want something more? 

New Song Community Church just might be the place for YOU!!


Welcome! New Song is a group of people focused on relationships – relationship with God and with others. We are imperfect people who are striving to know a perfect God. We believe that the Bible is God’s words that make life make sense as we grow together in a family like atmosphere. Click here to learn more.

We invite you to learn more about us through this site, our Facebook here page and by visiting with us on a Sunday Morning.

Our podcast has audio and video of past Sunday morning messages. 

You can visit or link to Pastor Herb’s Blog to read stories and messages from a God Perspective.

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