Pastor Herb Shaffer speaking at the worship service

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

“Lord, I love You more than food. What do You want to say to me?'”

Members of New Song Community Church will often pray these words when abstaining from food during a fast.

A few times a year, the entire church community is invited to participate in a week of prayer and fasting.

But why is it important for Christians to fast? What impact does fasting with prayer have on our relationship with God? And what should we pray for when fasting?

Pastor Herb Shaffer addressed these questions in his message at the worship service on July 9, 2023.

Pastor Shaffer said prayer and fasting can lead to:

  • Greater intimacy and being in alignment with God
  • A sensitivity to God that, instead of being superficial, is soul-deep
  • Transformation in the image of Jesus, which gives ever-deepening power

Watch the Worship Message

Additional Resources

The New Song Prayer and Fasting Handout (PDF) provides a variety of prayer and fasting resources including:

  • Different types of fasting (liquid-only, Daniel fast, partial fast, etc.)
  • Timeframes for fasting (partial day, multiple day, weeklong)
  • Further context on the power and purpose of prayer and fasting