Scrip Gift Card Program


Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.”

Scrip is gift cards and gift certificates that you purchase and use just like cash at your favorite stores.  OR give them as presents for birthdays, Christmas or any time!

When you purchase Scrip through the New Song Scrip Gift Card Program, a portion of the sale price is returned to New Song as a donation from the retailer.  See Scrip Scholarships for how New Song uses the proceeds.

The Great Lakes Scrip Center has lots more information including a full list of participating retailers.



Scrip orders are placed on the first and third Sunday of each month.  Envelopes are available at the New Song office.  Fill out the order envelope, enclose a check and turn in to the scrip coordinator or place in the collection plate.  Pick up your order the following Sunday.



Some cards are available for immediate purchase.  We keep a stock of cards on hand.  Contact the office to find out what is currently available.  These are some examples of cards we may have:  Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle, Sunoco, Wendys, Eat ‘n Park, Damons, Starbucks, Amazon and Panera.



Some gift cards like Eat n’ Park, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks are “reloadable.”  See ORDERING ONLINE for instructions on how to log in to Shop With Scrip and reload your cards.   The card must be one purchased through New Song to in order to reload.



New Song is now signed up for, which allows you to order new cards online, as well as reload select vendor cards that you have previously purchased and used.  All ordering is done online at your convenience; however, orders will still be processed and delivered on New Song’s designated scrip Sundays.  Families will still have the option to hand in a paper order on an order Sunday, or buy select scrip cards on-hand from the church office.

To register in this new program, please follow the below instructions:

1. Go to
2.  In the orange box at the right, click on “Not a member? – Click here.”
3.  Select a user name and password, and fill out the required fields (name, email, etc.)
4.  At the next screen, you will be asked for your non-profit enrollment code.  Enter LFL14CF212726 (case sensitive).  Verify that your non-profit comes up as New Song Church, indicating the enrollment code was entered correctly.
5.  Follow any remaining prompts to complete registration.

To begin participating in the online ordering, please follow the below instructions:

1.  After registering in the program (see above), sign into using your new user name and password.
2.  From your “Family Dashboard,” you can place an order using “Express Add” or “Browse.”  (After creating favorites, you can also place an order from the “Favorites” button.)  Choose “Reload” from the dashboard to reload a card you already have. (Note – Only certain vendors currently participate in the reload option.)
3.  Follow the prompts to complete and submit your order.
4.  On the next New Song scrip order Sunday, you must bring a check payable to New Song Church to cover the amount of your scrip order, and give it to Jennifer Laurin. (At this time there is no option for credit card or other online payment.)
5.  When your payment is received by Jennifer, your order will be uploaded to be included in New Song’s total order.  Your cards will be delivered the following Sunday.  (I assume reloads will be credited to your card on Monday or Tuesday after the order Sunday, which is when Great Lakes Scrip will process the order and payments.)

If you have any questions about registering or participating, please contact Jennifer Laurin.



Proceeds from the Scrip program are used to provide scholarships for Spiritual growth opportunities.  Scholarship money has helped people go to youth camp, Women of Faith, Leadership Training, youth convention, marriage conferences, Dynamic Communicators and more.


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