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It’s All About the Heart

4/11/2010 Truths leading to spiritual heart transplant and God’s blessings

The Day the World Turned Right-Side Up

4/4/2010 Easter Reveals God to us. And we ought to be overwhelmed.

Using Our Stuff for What Counts

3/21/10 How to live and give for what counts with our “stuff”

Are You Really Going to Lean on That?

3/14/10 Three questions that get at the core issue of “Trust”.

The Good News that Makes Sense of Life

3/7/10 Questions that lead to making sense of life: 1) What is the Good News? 2) Are you experiencing the Good News?  Experiencing Jesus always leads to transformation and joy!

When God Invites Us to Something Big

2/28/10 Experiencing Something Big is based on God in 3 ways: 1) Making God truly God, 2) Based on what counts (Gal. 5:6b), 3) Based on lots of little things (spiritual habits).

When God Invites Us to “Something Big”